Press mood stories for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jan 16, 2018 07:24GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FBiH avoids collapse, parliament not to be dissolved (Dnevni Avaz)
House of Representatives of FBiH parliament to discuss 2018 draft budget on Wednesday (Nezavisne Novine)
EU enlargement strategy in February: BiH will not be treated as other countries from region (Nezavisne Novine)
FBiH budget to be discussed this week, PIO law - next week (Oslobodjenje)
BiH, entity representatives to meet today to discuss pending questions from EC Questionnaire (Oslobodjenje)
RS PM Cvijanovic: Moderate optimism regarding answers to EC Questionnaire (Glas Srpske)
Jan 15, 2018 07:38GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FBiH Chamber of Commerce confirms: Big companies from the Netherlands and Belgium are looking for partners from BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
Gloomy projection for BiH economy (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH is losing billions of KM because of non-taxation of imported goods (Dnevni Avaz)
Process of preparing projects for public administration reform is inefficient (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: Still no agreement over gas market in BiH (Nezavisne Novine)
Shall Council of Europe introduce sanctions against BiH for failure to implement Sejdic-Finci ruling (Nezavisne Novine)
Price of diesel and gasoline to increase by KM 0.18 per litre from Feb 1, gas prices also to increase (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 12, 2018 07:29GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
DF leader Zeljko Komsic ends speculations, announces he will run for BiH presidency (Dnevni Avaz)
No agreement on holding of sessions of FBiH parliament on 2018 budget (Nezavisne Novine)
Zeljko Komsic: I will run for member of BiH presidency (Nezavisne Novine)
RS railways to get EUR 51.3mn loan from WB (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 11, 2018 07:13GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Talks with party experts on election law intensify (Dnevni Avaz)
Bosniaks hold the key to new constitution of RS (Nezavisne Novine)
RS to get chief auditor in February (Nezavisne Novine)
Agreement on 2018 budget of FBiH to be reached today? (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 10, 2018 07:32GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Tourists rush to BiH, airports break records (Dnevni Avaz)
It is uncertain when work of FBiH parliament will be unblocked (Nezavisne Novine)
EU, US to try to push for agreement on changes to election law (Nezavisne Novine)
Payment of January pension in FBiH is certain (Oslobodjenje)
EBRD, EU secured EUR 15.7mn in loans for SMEs (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 09, 2018 07:30GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Adis Arapovic from Centers for Civic Initiatives leaves non-government sector to join SBB (Dnevni Avaz)
RS President Dodik: We are celebrating Jan 9 because we are protecting RS (Nezavisne Novine)
US diplomat Hoyt Brian Yee to be new ambassador to BiH? (Nezavisne Novine)
RS President Dodik: Bosniaks will not prevent celebration of Jan 9 as Republic Day (Glas Srpske)
BiH to be left without workers (Oslobodjenje)
SDS prepares motion to Constitutional Court of BiH against excise tax hike (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 08, 2018 07:27GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Some 3,000 demobilized fighters to hold protests in front of FBiH government building (Dnevni Avaz)
Prices of diesel and gas to increase from Feb 1 (Nezavisne Novine)
RS and Serbia to set up fund to help Serbs (Glas Srpske)
Register of fighters to be ready in 2018 (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 05, 2018 07:36GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Pension and disability insurance institute left without KM 74mn, regular payment of pensions is under question (Dnevni Avaz)
Turkish President Erdogan expands AKP, to open branch office in BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
BiH, EBRD to sign today loan agreement on Corridor Vc section (Dnevni Avaz)
Turks to build airport, golf courses in Knezevo, to invest EUR 4.2bn?
Zvizdic: Council of Ministers to complete its term of office (Nezavisne Novine)
RS tax administration collects record high KM 2.3bn in public revenues in 2017 (Glas Srpske)
This year's general elections to cost KM 8.5mn (Oslobodjenje)
Rural strategy to bring millions of euros in grant funds (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 04, 2018 07:22GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Giant IHS wants to be consultant for oil exploration (Dnevni Avaz)
Council of Ministers of BiH to consider today draft rural development plan of BiH (Dnevni Avaz)
Municipalities do not benefit from record high revenues of ITA (Nezavisne Novine)
International community is worried that BiH will fail to pass changes to Constitution and election law (Nezavisne Novine)
Can government function without SBB? (Oslobodjenje)
Parafiscal charges prevent growth of wages (Oslobodjenje)
Jan 03, 2018 07:16GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
FBiH Energy Minister Nermin Dzindzic: Mines reduced losses by KM 90mn (Dnevni Avaz)
RS railways seek 160 volunteers to retire (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH FinMin Bevanda: In election year little will be done (Nezavisne Novine)
BiH Trade Minister Sarovic: Marathon party campaigns could slow down BiH's progress towards EU (Glas Srpske)
Dec 22, 2017 06:56GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Russia's Ambassador Petr Ivancov: No more use of Bonn powers in BiH (Nezavisne Novine)
Chairman of BiH presidency Covic: It is certain that BiH will not receive EU candidate status next year (Nezavisne Novine)
Slovenia is fourth largest investor in BiH (Glas Srpske)
Covic: 2018 will be full of new ideas and investments (Dnevni Avaz)
Dec 21, 2017 07:30GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
BiH parliament starts debate on budget of BiH institutions for next year, adoption likely by year-end (Nezavisne Novine)
RS FinMin Tegeltija: IMF tranche could be disbursed at end-January or early February (Nezavisne Novine)
Agreement on minimum wage in RS for 2018 not certain (Nezavisne Novine)
Chairman on BiH Council of Ministers Zvizdic on EC Questionnaire: Seven questions remain to be coordinated (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: RS government will not allow IMF deal to be hostage of political games (Glas Srpske)
BiH negotiates with Austria about possible seasonal employment of workers (Glas Srpske)
BiH MP from A-SDA Jasmin Emric: Budget to be adopted in 2018 (Oslobodjenje)
Dec 20, 2017 07:31GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Some 4,000-5,000 police officers to gather for protest over pension bill (Dnevni Avaz)
IMF welcomes adoption of changes to law on excise taxes (Nezavisne Novine)
RS seeks withdrawal of draft law on electronic communications from agenda of BiH council of Ministers meeting (Nezavisne Novine)
Head of IMF mission welcomes progress with adoption of set of excise tax laws (Oslobodjenje)
Dec 19, 2017 06:51GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Cars worth KM 700mn were imported in BiH in Jan-Nov (Nezavisne Novine)
Chairman of BiH Council of Ministers Zvizdic and EU foreign policy chief Mogherini: BiH needs to keep positive momentum in path towards EU (Nezavisne Novine)
Number of employed people in RS reached record high 263,476 in September (Glas Srpske)
What are benefits from agreement on JV between Gas Res and Gazprom (Glas Srpske)
Prices of everything from vegetables to public services go up (Oslobodjenje)
Dec 18, 2017 07:21GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Some 2,000 police officers to protest today in front of FBiH government's building (Dnevni Avaz)
High Representative Inzko: Good domestic solutions are lasting [commenting on possibility to intervene over election law] (Nezavisne Novine)
Chairman of BiH presidency Covic: Third entity is real possibility for BiH (Nezavisne Novine)
RS PM Cvijanovic: In past years government has taken over repayment of international loans taken by public companies (Glas Srpske)
BiH, Serbia sign protocol on removal of non-tariff barriers in trade between two countries (Glas Srpske)
Miners from Kreka coal mine threaten with strike, request promised investments (Oslobodjenje)
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