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Jul 20, 2018 05:39GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS – contempt and sneer [word play on PiS abbreviation] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Final count with Ziobro in front – PiS eliminates judges’ self-government and takes money from Malgorzata Gersdorf (Gazeta Wyborcza)
In a trunk to Sejm – police questions witnesses [on protests against Supreme Court law changes] (Rzeczpospolita)
Poll – Prof Gersdorf should lead Supreme Court by 2020 (Rzeczpospolita)
Gersdorf writes Duda – I am Supreme Court president (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Left gamble is coming back (Rzeczpospolita)
[Deputy foreign minister] Konrad Szymanski – Poland doesn’t want to punish UK (Rzeczpospolita)
PM rejects idea of a National Food Holding. He makes two firms in four years (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 19, 2018 05:37GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Activist] Klementyna Suchanow detained and arrested before the Sejm. More protests to follow today (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Protesters enter Sejm in trunk of a Scheuring-Wielgus car (Rzeczpospolita)
Sejm express doesn’t stop. After the holidays, we will start to be afraid (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Finish the Supreme Court, then holidays (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Brussels heavily hits on Google’s monopoly (Rzeczpospolita)
End of [state railway company] PKP monopoly on international routes. Czech Leo Express arrives on Polish tracks (Gazeta Wyborcza)
The government spends more, so it takes more and more people (Rzeczpospolita)
Kukiz 15 doesn’t take [state] subsidies but somehow lives (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 18, 2018 06:05GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government finishes work on revolution in pension adjustment (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS puts last-minute amendments to Sejm agenda (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Sejm to accelerate election of new Supreme Court on Thursday (Rzeczpospolita)
More VAT in budget despite prohibition of sales on Sundays (Rzeczpospolita)
Government to pay part of rent for rented flats (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PFR to give PLN 880mn for a coal-powered plant in Jaworznie (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Titan was in a tracksuit [on new military fatigues] (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 17, 2018 05:47GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Schetyna – Tusk for president? He will decide in December 2019 (Rzeczpospolita)
From Szczecin to Bielsko-Biala – we check who is afraid of Kaczynski’s judgment (Gazeta Wyborcza)
The Supreme Court is not enough – government is clearing another important court [Supreme Administrative Court]; for citizens, the most important one (Gazeta Wyborcza)
NIK arrangements – PiS elite is taking it all (Rzeczpospolita)
PM Morawiecki to decide on [local government] election date soon (Rzeczpospolita)
What next for PPK? Unions: PiS is forcing even more liberal reforms than PO (Gazeta Wyborcza)
SKOK is far from healing (Rzeczpospolita)
Putin is playing Trump again (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 16, 2018 06:02GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Tusk throws gauntlet at Kaczynski. PiS: This is a retreat before Andrzej Duda (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Tusk doesn’t rule out presidential bid (Rzeczpospolita)
Survey – Tusk loses to Duda in first round (Rzeczpospolita)
Kornel Morawiecki: Moving closer to Russia will make us stronger internationally (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Taxpayers – another GDPR victim (Rzeczpospolita)
PLN 66bn for railway renovation in Poland. Five best PKP [state railway company] investments and five example of wasting money
There are more and more Polish millionaires. Tax authorities rub their hands (Rzeczpospolita)
Gowin act – lifetime appointment of judges at universities (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 13, 2018 02:20GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS has new idea to quickly get rid of Supreme Court head Gersdorf (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS seeks legal changes to make it easier to take over Supreme Court (Rzeczpospolita)
Battle over the Supreme Court, the next clash (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS changing the law to have its own court system (Gazeta Wyborcza)
KRS gives its opinion on 12 Supreme Court judges [recommends 5 be extended, 7 be retired] (Rzeczpospolita)
KRS continues the hollowing out of the Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Farmers take to the streets today [police, firefighters, teachers also to strike] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Unions lose patience (Rzeczpospolita)
Public sector has had enough (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Autumn wave of protests [no deal at Thurs. Social Dialogue Council meeting over wages] (Rzeczpospolita)
PO want attend National Assembly [to commemorate 550th anniversary of parliament] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Govt fights infertility on paper (Rzeczpospolita)
Govt has a problem with procreation (Rzeczpospolita)
Defence Minister Blaszczak rated highly inside PiS (Rzeczpospolita)
Old jets in the Polish air force (Rzeczpospolita)
Protectionism hits growth (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 12, 2018 01:39GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Decade without interest rate hike is becoming ever likelier (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS's judicial reforms not backed [53% say Constitutional Tribunal works worse; 30% better] (Rzeczpospolita)
Changes to judiciary won't help PiS (Rzeczpospolita)
New tests in National Judiciary Council (Gazeta Wyborcza)
550 years of parliamentarism, will anniversary have no opposition? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
State without real control over defence companies [irregularities reported] (Rzeczpospolita)
PO MP Gawlowski can go free [detained over corruption allegations] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Kukiz '15 prepares anti-vaccine bill (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Govt sets up Centre for Strategic Analysis (Rzeczpospolita)
Govt forces state companies into split payments (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Trade war is becoming ever sharper (Rzeczpospolita)
KNF is not publishing bank stress tests (Rzeczpospolita)
El Dorado of poultry and egg exports (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 11, 2018 02:11GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Public sector is rearing up [firefighters, teachers, police, sanitation workers, and border guards demand higher wages] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Nurses agree deal with Health Ministry (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Fear in the ruling party [after Kaczynski says those working for state companies won't be able to run in elections] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Acting Supreme Court head Iwulski: I'm waiting for Gersdorf's return (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Sejm speakers shut off MP mikes 20 times more this term than last (Rzeczpospolita)
Millions for pro-govt publisher Sakiewicz [for forestry website] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Housing+: Additional payments might not be enough (Rzeczpospolita)
Disabled. How does the law work? (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Hypermarkets losing market share [b/c of Sun. shopping ban] (Rzeczpospolita)
OPZZ wants PM to fire LOT head (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 10, 2018 03:05GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Supreme Court in a state of weightlessness (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Polish bonds are less dependent on global sentiment (Rzeczpospolita)
Father Rydzyk tests Kaczynski [threatens to run own lists in EP elections, could be testing PiS] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Police and other services love surveillance and accessing billing (Rzeczpospolita)
Weak controls over surveillance (Rzeczpospolita)
Police unions say 'enough' (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Germany ready to protect Poland [if Putin gets US to withdraw troops] (Rzeczpospolita)
Razem candidate Spiewak wants to win Warsaw (Rzeczpospolita)
GetBack: Cash grab or mistake? (Rzeczpospolita)
Banks flee from Poland (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Instead of Brexit, there will be chaos (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 09, 2018 03:35GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
ECHR to deal with case against Constitutional Tribunal (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS electoral lists without anyone working for state companies (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS support rises to 37%, PO back on 26% [IBRIS for Rz] (Rzeczpospolita)
Wave of planned autumn protests could paralyse healthcare (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS to change cities for the worse [via new bill on developers] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Historical crimes divide Poles and Ukrainians (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Meat conservers bought for army tainted with ASF (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Rainbow at Jasna Gora [Equality March clashes with Radio Maryja event] (Rzeczpospolita)
Ministry presents new criteria for cataract survey [to cut waiting list by 100,000 from 0.5mn] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Forecasts: Economic growth to slow, inflation to speed up (Rzeczpospolita)
Risky rise in spending [if GDP is less than 3%, tax hikes might be needed] (Rzeczpospolita)
Housing prices rise ever higher (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Pork and poultry prices rise (Rzeczpospolita)
Old loans forgiven [new law allows cuts statute of limitations on debt to 6 years from 10, allowing forgiveness of some of PLN 100bn in debt] (Rzeczpospolita)
Defense Ministry grounds MiG-29s after deadly crash on Fri. (Rzeczpospolita)
We happily purchase from Chinese internet companies (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 05, 2018 02:29GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
One Supreme Court, two presidents (Rzeczpospolita)
Europe defends Polish judges (Rzeczpospolita)
MEP: Putin would be happy with Polish judicial reforms (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PM: Poland is a proud country [says during EP debate] (Rzeczpospolita)
Judges leave, Gersdorf fights [10 of 11 oldest judges still leave Supreme Court] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
The landscape after the purge (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Opposition announces success [Gersdorf still considered Supreme Court head] (Rzeczpospolita)
Sejm adopts Gowin's higher education reform (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Poles don't believe govt acts in public interest [68% say so, 63% say their vote doesn't count] (Rzeczpospolita)
GetBack: More prosecutor charges (Rzeczpospolita)
Conflicts of interest at the KNF (Gazeta Wyborcza)
All kids to have hot meal from Sep 2021 (Rzeczpospolita)
Govt likes business, just small ones (Rzeczpospolita)
Cashiers praise Sun. shopping ban (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 04, 2018 01:34GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Front-page editorial: If parliament does not suspend changes to Supreme Court, the losses will be irretrievable (Rzeczpospolita)
Front-page editorial: Rape of the Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Maneuvers and machinations around the Supreme Court (Rzeczpospolita)
Supreme Court's Gersdorf bets on Duda (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President Gersdort did not abdicate (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS's institutional changes are damaging for the country [all courts work worse after reforms] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jurist congress rep: We judges will one day be proud of what we did in these times (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Opposition about changes to electoral code: To the wastebasket! (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Battle for lower natural gas prices for Poland on the right track (Rzeczpospolita)
Coal imports rise to record (Rzeczpospolita)
Basque giant to invest in bus maker Solaris (Rzeczpospolita)
Govt wants Poles to return (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jul 03, 2018 01:37GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Judgement day for the top of the judiciary comes [new Supreme Court law goes into effect on Tues.] (Rzeczpospolita)
Judgement day [protests planned against takeover of Supreme Court] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Hunting the Supreme Court president [Gersdorf to be forcibly removed on Tues., protests planned] (Rzeczpospolita)
EC launches infringement procedure over Supreme Court (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS moves abortion bill from freezer to fridge (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Harsh words for PiS about abortion (Rzeczpospolita)
Resident doctors threaten to strike again (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Hidden gains for Anders [potential scandal hitting govt rep. for intl dialogue] (Rzeczpospolita)
Disabled person votes might not be secret (Rzeczpospolita)
Expensive euro and dollar just in time for the summer (Rzeczpospolita)
Weak zloty means more expensive vacation (Rzeczpospolita)
Inflation quickens (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Some 51% of companies already having problems hiring (Rzeczpospolita)
Police would happily hire [face shortages] (Rzeczpospolita)
Split payment allows firms to avoid debt collector (Rzeczpospolita)
Early retirement hasn't demolished ZUS's finances (Rzeczpospolita)
Poles rush to get 300+ (Rzeczpospolita)
Jul 02, 2018 02:23GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Rule of law deadlock [PL doesn't reportedly want to concede any more] (Rzeczpospolita)
EC blames Poland for breaking the law [infringement procedure looms] (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS MP: There will be no concessions on rule of law (Rzeczpospolita)
The last days of a free Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Govt quickens regarding open spots on Supreme Court (Rzeczpospolita)
Former judge sues Poland at European Court of Human Rights for improper dismissal (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Sejm returns to abortion, 'black protest' to outside Sejm [Sejm to deal with abortion on Mon. at 16:00] (Rzeczpospolita)
Abortion ban again in Sejm -- we will defend women (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS deciding who will be EC commissioner after May 2019 elections (Rzeczpospolita)
Sejm Speaker Kuchcinski and the expensive album (Rzeczpospolita)
Morawiecki's dad on PiS's lists (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Stockholm court says Gazprom should cut PGNiG's natural gas prices (Rzeczpospolita)
Average pension to wage will plunge going toward 2050 (Rzeczpospolita)
Bankruptcies rise again, and will increase (Rzeczpospolita)
Cheap processed meat meant for army from pork with ASF (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jun 29, 2018 01:49GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Morawiecki believes EU member support for position rises in rule of law clash (Rzeczpospolita)
Battle for Supreme Court begins (Rzeczpospolita)
Supreme Court unanimously oppose govt cleaning house (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Court of Justice of the EU about courts in Poland (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Should Poland take in refugees? 53% say no, 45% says yes (Rzeczpospolita)
But what if EU demands refugees be taken in? 56% say they should be welcomed, 36% say no (Rzeczpospolita)
US is positive about changes to IPN law (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS to unfreeze abortion issue (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Polish navy is quickly taking on water (Rzeczpospolita)
Budget posts record surplus for end-May (Rzeczpospolita)
Medical personnel to stage 'black protest' on Fri. (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Lack of temp workers (Rzeczpospolita)
Fuel stations gain on Sun. shopping ban (Rzeczpospolita)
Employers and unions don't agree on PPK (Rzeczpospolita)
Investors are afraid of Trump (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jun 28, 2018 02:17GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EC to sue Supreme Court Act to ECJ [daily says EC ready to launch infringement process] (Rzeczpospolita)
Green light for Timmermans [regarding infringement procedure] (Rzeczpospolita)
Infringement procedure against Poland right around the corner (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Panicky about-face by PiS on IPN (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Legislative express [for IPN Law changes] (Rzeczpospolita)
We speak in one voice [Morawiecki and Netanyahu declaration on Holocaust/WWII] (Rzeczpospolita)
World press about changes to IPN Act (Gazeta Wyborcza)
'Double' Tribunal judge attacks Citizens Ombudsman (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Chance for civil process for use of 'Polish camps' (Rzeczpospolita)
Polish countryside likes EU and PiS (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PO's Trzaskowski leads Warsaw poll [43% to 21% for PiS candidate Jaki] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Law on PPK could violate constitution (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Will Denmark stop Nord Stream 2? (Rzeczpospolita)
Bankers working with the Vietnamese mafia (Rzeczpospolita)
PGNiG bets on imports from US (Rzeczpospolita)
Polish death roads [PL has fifth most dangerous roads in EU] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Brexit already hurts the UK (Rzeczpospolita)
Jun 27, 2018 01:38GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Union countries question Poland on rule of law (Rzeczpospolita)
Poland explains itself to EU (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS wants to take attention away from rule of law? [by passing EP electoral code changes that will advantage it] (Rzeczpospolita)
Europe? Don't let Poland off of hook (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Secret of the closed circuit camera at Sejm that didn't work (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS man in GetBack (Gazeta Wyborcza)
GetBack issue spreading ever wider (Rzeczpospolita)
President Duda calls for changes in TVP (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Arms industry is not keeping up (Rzeczpospolita)
That was a good year for banks (Rzeczpospolita)
Teachers escape into retirement (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Investments in rail tracks threatened by cost rises (Rzeczpospolita)
PM Morawiecki strengthens himself in PKN Orlen's board (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Ever more expensive land means ever higher housing prices (Rzeczpospolita)
Lower ZUS for small companies (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Jun 26, 2018 02:29GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Poland answers today EU questions on rule of law (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Young blame govt for EU rule of law clash [EU council hearing set for Tues.] (Rzeczpospolita)
Sentence on judges postponed [some Supreme Court judges to go on Jul 3, some as late as Sep] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Rydzyk is building a museum (Gazeta Wyborcza)
What will Rydzyk's museum be like (Gazeta Wyborcza)
BBC unveils links b/w Polish Embassy in the UK and xenophobes (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Medical workers think about large strike (Rzeczpospolita)
Council of Europe to take Poland's side on return of Smolensk plane wreckage (Rzeczpospolita)
Prosecutor about Frasyniuk: he kicked, he was aggressive (Gazeta Wyborcza)
How TVP battles with Nielsen ratings (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Unemployment fell and will fall, but more slowly (Rzeczpospolita)
Old problem with unemployment (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Consumption slows slightly, is the 500+ effect ending? (Rzeczpospolita)
Jun 25, 2018 01:33GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS's revolutionary proposed changes to EP elections [will help big parties, hurt small ones] (Rzeczpospolita)
Kaczynski cuts out the old guard [PiS boss prepares new wave for 2019 general elections] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Opposition groups to protest to defend judiciary on Mon. and Tues. (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Lech Walesa reactivates Citizens Committee [to oppose PiS govt] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Opposition considers boycotting 550th anniversary of parliament (Rzeczpospolita)
PSL: The govt isn't doing anything to fight drought (Rzeczpospolita)
Courts defend citizens (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Poles had more babies in 2017 [fertility rate up to 1.45, from 1.29 in 2015; replacement rate is 2.1] (Rzeczpospolita)
Immigration again divides EU (Rzeczpospolita)
Tax office wants companies with revenue falls to explain drops (Rzeczpospolita)
ZUS builds new large IT system (Rzeczpospolita)
Weather and soccer are lifelines for beer (Rzeczpospolita)
We're out! [of the World Cup after another disastrous showing] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
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