Press mood stories for Romania

Jul 16, 2018 04:47GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Warning: Economy and wages grow but half of young prepare to leave country (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is ranks among last in CEE as foreign investment’s share to GDP, only 39% (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania is among most polluted countries in EU (Ziarul Financiar)
Residential sector does not stop falling (Ziarul Financiar)
Venice Commission contradicts special commission in parliament (Adevarul)
[Senate’s chairman] Tariceanu says Venice Commission’s report is politically biased and shallow (Adevarul)
Eurostat: Only 3 in 4 graduates in Romania have jobs (Adevarul)
Venice Commission: Do not exclude president from appointing/dismissing chief prosecutors (Gandul)
Venice Commission challenges CCR’s ruling (Bursa)
Parliament breaches two CCR decisions (Romania Libera)
Arctic builds new factory in Dambovita with European money (Romania Libera)
[Former PSD leader] Nastase harshly criticises Dragnea (Evenimentul Zilei)
Interior minister refuses protection for former anti-graft chief prosecutor (Evenimentul Zilei)
Some PNL seniors still want Orban as leader (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 13, 2018 04:49GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Wind energy turns to dream profit from hundreds of million loss, but only on paper (Ziarul Financiar)
Industry moderates growth pace meaning that economy slows (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania’s depopulation by all means: youth leave country, children are born abroad (Ziarul Financiar)
Deloitte: Romania remains attractive for regional investment funds (Ziarul Financiar)
[PSD] Dragnea’s war with [president] Iohannis reaches desperation (Adevarul)
[Senate’s chairman] Tariceanu says DNA makes Romania look as most corrupt country in Europe (Adevarul)
Optional pension funds reach RON 1.87bn in May (Adevarul)
[PNL] Orban does not see opposition’s union as necessary (Gandul)
New investment in Constanta port (Bursa)
New residential project in Bucharest (Bursa)
Energy consumption increases (Bursa)
Lidl opens new store with electric cars charging unit (Curierul National)
Romania asks money from EC for metro line construction (Romania Libera)
PSD Dragnea wants to change four ministers (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 12, 2018 05:00GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
USA-China trade war is opportunity for Black Sea cereal exporters (Ziarul Financiar)
Petrom exploits less hydrocarbons but crude price increase compensates (Ziarul Financiar)
Turkish group invests EUR 26mn in cable and copper wires in Oradea (Ziarul Financiar)
[PSD] Dragnea: [President] Iohannis is directly involved in my prison sentence (Adevarul)
Iohannis: I haven’t changed opinion about [former anti-graft chief prosecutor] Kovesi, but I have to respect Constitution (Adevarul)
Opposition PNL does not appeal administrative code fearing own mayors’ reaction (Adevarul)
Pension law to be ready in autumn, tens of thousands of pensions to be recalculated (Adevarul)
PSD says EC sends peace message (Gandul)
Offshore law is unprofitable for investors (Bursa)
IFC is biggest investor in Banca Transilvania bonds (Bursa)
Kovesi gets job as anti-terrorism prosecutor (Curierul National)
Dragnea says Iohannis inks dismissal decree fearing suspension (Romania Libera)
PSD is torn on president’s suspension (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 11, 2018 05:21GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romania loses 120,000 inhabitants in 2017, biggest exodus in EU (Ziarul Financiar)
Overnight magic in offshore law: Royalties bring less than USD 200mn in 2017, are seen at USD 1bn annually from Black Sea (Ziarul Financiar)
Unions revolt: PSD’s tax revolution leaves 1.2mn employees with lower wages (Ziarul Financiar)
House prices increase by 6.6% in Q1, over 4.7% EU average (Ziarul Financiar)
PM Dancila says EU officials do not seem worried about justice law changes (Adevarul)
UniCredit report: Significant economic growth slowdown this year (Bursa)
Economist: Romania’s economy is widening deficit together with own growth (Bursa)
[PSD leader] Dragnea plays strategic games with Black Sea gas (Romania Libera)
Tourism minister admits mistake on not focusing on online promotion (Romania Libera)
PSD may not give up president’s suspension (Evenimentul Zilei)
Acid reactions from Brussels after PM Dancila’s visit (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 10, 2018 05:40GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Wages keep increasing but discrepancies are huge (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announces offshore law debates (Ziarul Financiar)
Romanian banking sector looks better than EU average in most of indicators (Ziarul Financiar)
Effects of social contribution transfer: 1.2mn employees have lower wages (Adevarul)
Oil companies are discouraged by offshore law debates (Adevarul)
Justice minister launches selection procedure for new anti-graft chief prosecutor (Gandul)
[President] Iohannis is embarrassed to announce himself dismissal of Kovesi (Gandul)
Insurance market contracts by 1.45% in Q1 (Bursa)
Purchasing power in Romania is fourth lowest in EU (Bursa)
Laura Codruta Kovesi leaves DNA [anti-corruption directorate] (Curierul National)
Crucial day for magistrates’ statutes law (Romania Libera)
Important meeting between PM Dancila and EC president (Evenimentul Zilei)
Unions attack PSD Dragnea in Kovesi’s dismissal day (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 09, 2018 05:24GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Value of monetary gold reserve doubles in past decade and represents 9.7% of Romania’s international reserve (Ziarul Financiar)
Bankers’ association.: GDP growth is expected to slow dragged by interest rate increase (Ziarul Financiar)
Banks reduce by one third NPLs ratio in past year to 6% (Ziarul Financiar)
Why [ALDE president] Tariceanu may oppose president’s suspension (Adevarul)
Administrative code increases to maximum political influence (Adevarul)
President’s suspension is postponed by Tariceanu’s vacation, but he backs initiative (Gandul)
PSD and ALDE cannot use Constitutional Court decisions as favourable criminal legislation (Bursa)
Government prepares tax amnesty (Curierul National)
Tensed meeting at PNL, president Orban may go (Romania Libera)
Romanian-Chinese cooperation in transport and infrastructure (Romania Libera)
Tension in ruling PSD-ALDE alliance (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 06, 2018 05:21GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Costs with mobile services increase by EUR 200mn to EUR 2.5bn in 2017 (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR’s Isarescu calls bankers to create new market, to lend to firms as retail can no longer fuel growth (Ziarul Financiar)
AgriMin “forgets” about tax cuts promised in ruling programme (Ziarul Financiar)
UDMR senior: We do not back President Iohannis’s impeachment, there are no reasons (Adevarul)
House prices start to fall (Adevarul)
[PSD] Dragnea asks tax authority to recuperate EUR 320,000 overdue taxes from president (Gandul)
PSD’s free travels for students ruin CFR Calatori (Bursa)
Rates growth announce tsunami among “First Home” debtors (Bursa)
Overheating in real estate market already occurred (Bursa)
President of Venice Commission: Decisions of Constitutional Court are mandatory and must be implemented (Romania Libera)
[NBR] Isarescu to bankers: Mortgage lending is not a large boulevard, but a tight and dead-end alley (Romania Libera)
[Aluminium producer] Alro wants to continue investment plan (Evenimentul Zilei)
Romania is on last place in EU at electric and electronic waste recycling (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 05, 2018 05:05GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Bankers admit they are too bureaucratic (Ziarul Financiar)
NBR’s Isarescu: Policy rate must be close to inflation rate (Ziarul Financiar)
[President] Iohannis, tough reaction after criminal code change: That is majority’s dictatorship (Adevarul)
Onix Park bring new residential project with 2,000 flats in Bucharest (Adevarul)
PSD-ALDE changes criminal code. Opposition to appeal it at CCR (Gandul)
President Iohannis to appeal criminal code at CCR (Gandul)
MPs debate administrative code today (Bursa)
PSD’s Dragnea says Iohannis has abusively used all instruments to block regulation (Romania Libera)
Dragnea: Criminal code change is not for me, I will be annihilated (Romania Libera)
Jul 04, 2018 04:47GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
AgriMin fails to notify national defence council on Braila farmland sale to Arabs; 5% of Romania’s corn harvest depends on another owner (Ziarul Financiar)
One of Romania’s worse deals: [Aluminium producer] Alro Slatina case (Ziarul Financiar)
Consumption grows but it’s far from 2017 peaks, as tax cut effects fade
Blitzkrieg against every Romanian: They want to steal and not be punished (Adevarul)
Deal between Chinese CEFC and KMG International fails (Adevarul)
Senate approves criminal code changes (Gandul)
Romanian seaside and Bucharest city-breaks have success among Israeli tourists (Bursa)
Significant rebound of M&A in Q2 (Bursa)
[President] Iohannis’ impeachment is on coalition’s table (Bursa)
BrunTek opens new metallic construction factory in Valenii de Munte (Curierul National)
Romania to produce most modern amphibious armoured transporter in EU (Romania Libera)
Black Sea gas heat up mood in parliament (Evenimentul Zilei)
UDMR refuses to vote criminal code changes (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jul 03, 2018 05:21GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romania’s social expenditures double since EU entrance, investment expenses increase by one third (Ziarul Financiar)
Banks grant high rates only on long-term deposits (Ziarul Financiar)
Criminal code changes enter senate’s debate today (Adevarul)
UDMR rejects threshold for partial decriminalisation of abuse of office (Adevarul)
EC’s vice-president asks [PSD leader] Liviu Dragnea to liberalise gas market two years earlier (Adevarul)
Gabriel Vlase gets endorsement for head of intelligence position (Gandul)
Political class irresponsibility to cost Romania too much again (Bursa)
MEP Dan Nica says Romania reports double energy loss compared to EU average (Bursa)
Abuse of office to become very difficult to prove (Romania Libera)
Romania is last in EU as number of cars/1,000 residents (Romania Libera)
Jul 02, 2018 04:09GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
CEO J.C. Flowers pledges to become active player in Romania’s banking market after taking over Bancpost (Ziarul Financiar)
Romanians prefer to be home owners, only 4% of population rents (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania’s sugar production covers only 30% of consumption (Ziarul Financiar)
Second Trianon: Hungary and Black Sea gas (Adevarul)
Special commission may finalise today criminal code change debates (Adevarul)
Israel’s PM Netanyahu postpones common cabinet meeting in Romania (Gandul)
[Justice minister] Toader does not give up partial decriminalisation of abuse of office (Gandul)
[Ruling] PSD prepares new wage increases. Civil servants may get 25% salary hike (Gandul)
Special commission butchers criminal code (Bursa)
Concessions for UDMR and political clientele in administrative code (Bursa)
Toader urges president or obey CCR decision (Romania Libera)
No-confidence motion failure shakes up opposition PNL’s leader position (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jun 29, 2018 05:35GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Hungary sends messengers to Bucharest and Washington to pressure Romania about Back Sea gas (Ziarul Financiar)
Billionaire mathematician J. Christopher Flowers is new owner of Piraeus Bank Romania (Ziarul Financiar)
Former energy minister gets 4-year prison on influence peddling (Ziarul Financiar)
Public sector employers must grant vacation vouchers in 2018, total amount RON 1.7bn (Ziarul Financiar)
[Opposition PNL] Orban: PACE will notify Venice Commission on criminal code changes too (Adevarul)
Romania keeps spending more than it can afford, despite warnings (Adevarul)
Banca Transilvania: NBR to increase policy rate to 3% this year (Adevarul)
Special commission postpones debates on abuse of office article (Gandul)
Hungary wants to force Romania to exploit Black Sea gas (Gandul)
AFI Europe buys EUR 23mn land to expand mall in Bucharest (Gandul)
Anti-organised crime prosecutors investigate high treason complaint (Bursa)
Experts: Budget deficit target is at risk (Bursa)
Embassies of 12 states: Avoid changes that weaken rule of law (Curierul National)
[Ruling] PSD MP: Romania is not USA colony (Romania Libera)
Hungary in offensive against Romania (Romania Libera)
Jun 28, 2018 05:42GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
NEPI extends commercial centre in Bucharest with new office building (Ziarul Financiar)
[Russian-controlled] Vimetco wants to sell 53.76% in Alro (Ziarul Financiar)
PwC: Romanians should be encouraged to work more, not to retire so soon (Ziarul Financiar)
FGSZ, Hungary’s gas transporter: “Objective for Black Sea gas is to sell. If it stays here, what will you do with it? A big fire?” (Ziarul Financiar)
[Former PM] Dacian Ciolos says Romania needs early election (Adevarul)
[President] Iohannis passes Rosia Montana [gold deposit] responsibility to govt (Adevarul)
Budget gap keeps widening at RON 8.14bn, 0.88% of GDP in first five months (Adevarul)
Former Chief of Police investigated for huge bribery (Gandul)
[PNL] Orban fails to crush PM Dancila (Bursa)
EBRD invests EUR 100mn in Banca Transilvania bonds (Bursa)
DNA sends Belina file in court (Bursa)
DNA asks for higher conviction for [ruling PSD leader] Dragnea (Romania Libera)
No-confidence motion shows how strong PSD is and how bad PNL works (Evenimentul Zilei)
PM Dancila: Govt is not responsible for inflation, NBR is (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jun 27, 2018 05:21GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Industry drops for second consecutive month and managers’ trust is fading (Ziarul Financiar)
Wages reach 36% in GDP: Companies do not have any choice but increase salaries by 30-40% in following years (Ziarul Financiar)
Number of new commercial vehicle registrations increases by 4% in Jan-May (Ziarul Financiar)
[Governor] Isarescu says NBR does not intend to limit lending (Ziarul Financiar)
Motion’s day. Opposition tries to dismiss Dancila cabinet after [PSD] Dragnea’s conviction. Chances are low (Adevarul)
Romanians generating green electricity to be tax exempt (Adevarul)
Chief of anti-organised crime warns on criminal code change (Gandul)
[PNL] Orban does not exclude large ruling coalition if motion passes (Gandul)
No-confidence motion without hope (Bursa)
Energy sector reps: We have all it takes to become regional energy hub (Bursa)
Minimum investment for state aid may decrease to EUR 3mn (Romania Libera)
Political game with UDMR amendments to administrative code (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jun 26, 2018 04:35GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Lending growth slows to 6.4% in May, but rise is double compared to May 2017 (Ziarul Financiar)
Analysts’ confidence in economy drops significantly in May, anticipating economic growth slowdown (Ziarul Financiar)
Erste buys 6.29% of BCR from SIF Oltenia for EUR 140mn (Ziarul Financiar)
Parliament approves super-immunity for CCR judges (Adevarul)
PSD regional leaders have conditions for dismissing Dancila-Dragnea (Adevarul)
[PSD] Dragnea says president impeachment is not ruled out (Gandul)
[PNL] Orban mulls running for MEP (Gandul)
NBR’s Vasilescu: Central bank has no intention to limit lending (Bursa)
Deloitte: M&A sector in Romania is very small (Bursa)
Orban does not exclude to run for president (Romania Libera)
PNL senator resign to enrol in PSD (Romania Libera)
[State’s air carrier] Tarom sells only aircrafts able to cross ocean (Evenimentul Zilei)
PNL calls for street protests in no-confidence motion day (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jun 25, 2018 04:54GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Long hot summer: Liviu Dragnea says he will not resign, Klaus Iohannis wants second term (Ziarul Financiar)
Fourth failure of Comarnic-Brasov highway. Romanians will not have highway crossing mountains (Ziarul Financiar)
Romanians in First Home programme pay 44% of incomes to banks (Ziarul Financiar)
Dragnea blows up Romania and compromises PSD (Adevarul)
Sources: PM Dancila cancels external visit to be home when explosive bill is to be issued (Adevarul)
Criminal procedure code stirs street tensions; Dancila calls for unity (Adevarul)
Iohannis asks civil society to protest in case criminal code is changes through emergency bill (Gandul)
WB approves new partnership with Romania (Gandul)
Transition towards autocracy (Bursa)
CCR, PSD and govt go on with operation “Everything for Dragnea” (Bursa)
PNL’s Orban: We wait for UDMR to reply on no-confidence motion call (Romania Libera)
No-confidence motion to be read today in parliament (Romania Libera)
Forecast commission: Energy consumption to increase in following 3 years (Romania Libera)
WB: Economic growth in Romania does not translate into poverty reduction (Romania Libera)
Iohannis wants 5 more years as president (Evenimentul Zilei)
Govt takes EBRD loan to build jails (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jun 22, 2018 04:50GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Office market is crowding out. Who will resist? Ten developers have at least 100,000 sqm each (Ziarul Financiar)
External tensions and macro deterioration start showing signs. Fx rate is at historical high and interest rates are rising (Ziarul Financiar)
FinMin reimburses supplementary fuel excise to transporters (Ziarul Financiar)
PSD’s regional branches express support for Liviu Dragnea after verdict (Adevarul)
Govt approves “Invest in you” programme which offers loans with zero interest rate to young (Adevarul)
PSD holds emergency meeting today to decide strategy after Dragnea’s indictment (Gandul)
Thousands gather again in Victoria Square asking for Dragnea’s resignation (Gandul)
Support programme for tomatoes producers is successful (Bursa)
Govt prepares to take over EU presidency (Curierul National)
PM Dancila says anyone asking for Dragnea’s resignation breaches Constitution and EU regulation (Romania Libera)
Jun 21, 2018 04:40GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Study: Road infrastructure needs in Romania exceed EUR 70bn (Ziarul Financiar)
Romania has lowest prices on food and non-alcoholic beverages in EU (Ziarul Financiar)
Brussels: Wage growth in public sector does not go together with productivity increase (Ziarul Financiar)
EC presses again Romania to return to 1%-of-GDP structural deficit (Ziarul Financiar)
Sources: PSD postpones Iohannis’ impeachment, appointing Vlase as intelligence head (Adevarul)
State wants to borrow RON 4bn from population (Adevarul)
WB approves new country partnership with Romania (Gandul)
Romania’s harvest in 2018 is weaker than in past several years (Bursa)
Commissioner Cretu: Romania needs new projects for avoiding funds’ disengagement (Bursa)
EU is worried about criminal code changes (Curierul National)
Otopeni airport mulls building new passengers terminal with EUR 4.75bn investment (Romania Libera)
PSD seniors accuse street protesters to criminal code changes of Nazism (Evenimentul Zilei)
Jun 20, 2018 06:23GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Iohannis’s decisions on Kovesi dismissal – this week is dedicated to reading (Ziarul Financiar)
American company bought Romanian IT start-up for a few million dollars (Ziarul Financiar)
PNL files a motion of no confidence in [PM] Dancila’s government (Adevarul)
[Labour minister] Olguta Vasilescu – government will double subsidies for employers who hire people on social assistance (Adevarul)
PNL files a motion of no confidence in [PM] Dancila’s government. [PNL leader] Ludovic Orban sees himself PM (Gandul)
[President] Iohannis – I have no presence. [CCR justice] Lazaroiu – I don’t do politics (Gandul)
Offenders, above the law (Bursa)
EC Commissioner Corina Cretu – I am calling for an agreement on EU budget before [European] parliament elections in 2019 (Bursa)
Romanians pay EUR 40mn because of [former PM] Victor Ponta (Romania Libera)
Without Black Sea gas, we remain in Russia’s hands (Romania Libera)
Jun 19, 2018 06:08GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romanians have a fortune of EUR 400bn, maximum level in 9 years (Ziarul Financiar)
In 2017, listed companies were most expensive in past eight years on post-crisis economic growth (Ziarul Financiar)
Traian Basescu’s swan song: former head of state leaves politics with a scandal (Adevarul)
Traian Basescu says why PSD postponed appointment of Gabriel Valse to SIE (Romania Libera)
IMF forecasts for Romania: five years of chain crises (Adevarul)
Chamber of Deputies adopts amendments to criminal procedure code – prosecutors are forbidden to give information during criminal investigation (Gandul)
SRI-ICCJ [between counterintelligence and high court of cassation] protocol might be a fake (Romania Libera)
Romania not alone in fight against corruption, assures US Deputy Secretary of State for Europe (Gandul)
Vimetco sells Alro stake on profit (Bursa)
Football shakes the ground! (Bursa)
Jun 18, 2018 06:11GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Romania’s largest entrepreneurs in 2017 (Ziarul Financiar)
Domestic bank credits account for only 8% of corporate debt (Ziarul Financiar)
DNA orders investigation of once right-hand man of [former president] Traian Basescu (Ziarul Financiar)
Tough attacks between Basescu and Turcescu at the PMP Congress (Adevarul)
[BNR governor] Isarescu: Period of low interest rates is over (Adevarul)
Vlase is no more – Dragnea’s message on Vlase’s chances to head intelligence service (Gandul)
Romania running to World Bank money for Comarnic-Brasov highway (Gandul)
Eurostat – Romania with highest inflation in EU (Bursa)
Senate votes simple motion against economy minister today (Romania Libera)
Why should Simina Tanasescu be dismissed (Romania Libera)
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