Press mood stories for Turkey

Jul 13, 2018 06:40GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[National Intelligence] MIT catches two senior FETO members in Azerbaijan and Ukraine (Milliyet)
Yildirim becomes new parliamentary speaker (Milliyet)
CBT to be independent and effective – FinMin Albayrak (Milliyet)
[Ex-owners of Boydak Holding] Boydak brothers sentences to 7.5-18 years in prison (Milliyet)
Six HDP MPs [reportedly] nominated [in Jun 24 elections] to avoid imprisonment (Star)
Court sentences 72 coup plotters to aggravated life imprisonment (Star)
[Auto association] ODD calls for adjustment in [special consumption tax] OTV brackets to support sales (Hurriyet)
President Erdogan meets several leaders during NATO summit (Hurriyet)
Operation by Merrill Lynch [Credit Suisse, Citibank follow Merrill Lynch in selling Turkish stocks] (Sabah)
US President Trump calls Erdogan “the winner” [on sidelines of NATO summit] (Sabah)
Jul 12, 2018 06:35GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Televangelist] Oktar and followers detained on charges of fraud (Vatan)
Turkey to benefit from global trade war – Mark Mobius (Vatan)
General Staff to be subject to Defence Ministry – President Erdogan (Vatan)
All ministers masters of their area, honest and experienced – Erdogan (Sabah)
NATO allies should be in full solidarity and cooperation against terror – Erdogan (Sabah)
Parliament to elect its speaker today (Hurriyet)
Foreigners continue to sell Turkish assets (Hurriyet)
Jul 11, 2018 06:59GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
First in 58 years [Akar becomes first military official appointed to cabinet since 1960] (Vatan)
Cabinet resembles CEO club [Businesspeople given seats in new cabinet] (Vatan)
Term of CBT governor reduced to four years (Vatan)
Turkish and FSA forces take hard line with PKK in Afrin [in Syria] (Vatan)
Erdogan appoints [Land Forces Commander] Guler as Chief of Staff (Milliyet)
TANAP is of strategic importance [for Turkey and Azerbaijan] – Erdogan (Milliyet)
Housing and tourism sectors pleased with ministers (Milliyet)
Critical 100 days for markets [Markets eye economic policy of new government] (Milliyet)
New cabinet takes oath (Milliyet)
Quick start [Operational structure of state reformed via presidential decree] (Sabah)
New cabinet to re-write Turkey’s story – Finance and Treasury Minister Albayrak (Sabah)
Period of simplified management, rapid decision-making in economy (Star)
Albayrak to join G-20 Meeting of Finance Ministers on Jul 21-22
Jul 10, 2018 06:27GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Fresh start [Turkey switches to presidential system with Erdogan taking oath] (Hurriyet)
Surprising cabinet [New cabinet includes surprising names] (Hurriyet)
[Former Energy Minister] Albayrak to take wheel of economic policy (Hurriyet)
Akar surprise [Chief of Staff Akar appointed as defence minister] (Hurriyet)
Strong president, leading Turkey! [Erdogan vows stronger Turkey in first speech as executive president] (Sabah)
Treasury receives high demand in local bond issuances [on Jul 9] (Sabah)
Nuclear energy regulatory body established (Sabah)
Cabinet of reforms [Line ministries to be headed by bureaucrats and businesspeople] (Vatan)
Erdogan pledges to embrace all of Turkey’s 81mn citizens (Vatan)
Economic targets to be reached faster [with new system of government] – business representatives (Star)
National will rises to government [Erdogan takes oath] (Star)
Turkey could benefit from trade war – American-Turkish business association chair Akat (Star)
Jul 09, 2018 06:26GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Record high number of dismissals [Cabinet sacks 18,632 public personnel by final statutory decree] (Vatan)
Will markets like A-Team? [Markets eye economy team of new cabinet to be announced today] (Vatan)
Erdogan to make first overseas visit to Brussels [on Jul 11-12 for NATO summit in new term as president] (Vatan)
National will rising to government [President-elect Erdogan to take oath today] (Star)
28,000 people to be trained for moving [Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport] to new airport (Star)
Auto retailers compete via sales campaigns (Star)
Deep cleansing [Public cleared of thousands of FETO members] (Star)
[Government plans] Health sector reforms (Milliyet)
[Main opposition party] CHP determines parliamentary group chair and deputy chairs (Milliyet)
Leaders, representatives of 50 states to attend Erdogan’s oath-taking ceremony (Sabah)
New system to bring bureaucratic revolution (Sabah)
Jul 06, 2018 06:51GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
CHP leader Kilicdaroglu sticks to post [Kilicdaroglu turns deaf ear to extraordinary congress calls] (Sabah)
Lowering inflation and interest rates first thing to do – PM Yildirim (Sabah)
Germany admits YPG as extension of PKK – German intelligence report (Sabah)
Cabinet to release final statutory decree [reportedly] to dismiss FETO members in public (Sabah)
Turkey to re-open consulates in Mosul and Basra (Milliyet)
State of emergency to end [with formation of new cabinet] on Jul 9 – PM Yildirim (Milliyet)
Turkey wins giant tender on corvette ships by Pakistan (Milliyet)
Turks trade USD 25mn worth of cryptocurrency per day (Milliyet)
Bulgarians visit Edirne [province in Eastern Thrace] for shopping as lev rises against lira (Hurriyet)
Extraordinary congress out of question – CHP spokesperson Tezcan (Hurriyet)
Thank you, PM! [Yildirim puts stamp on history as last PM of Turkey] (Star)
FETO leader Gulen [reportedly] orders followers to block investments in Turkey (Star)
Jul 05, 2018 06:35GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan to take presidential oath on Jul 9 (Star)
Elections secure and transparent, turnout record high at 86% – YSK chair Guven (Star)
Limak completes USD 200mn worth of hotel investment in Northern Cyprus (Star)
Erdogan’s wins presidential elections with 52.6% of votes – final results (Hurriyet)
[Kurdish militant group] YPG begins withdrawing from [Syria’s] Manbij (Hurriyet)
Turkey may host 60mn tourists with USD 60bn income [in 2023] – Tourism Minister Kurtulmus (Hurriyet)
[Consumer and producer] Price hikes spread across sub-groups [in June] (Milliyet)
Jul 04, 2018 06:35GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Leadership race triggered [CHP’s Ince calls Kilicdaroglu to convene congress for leadership change] (Milliyet)
Erdogan to make first visits to Azerbaijan and Northern Cyprus [in new term as president] (Milliyet)
Early local elections not on agenda – AKP spokesperson Unal (Milliyet)
[Consumer] Inflation exceeds 15% y/y [in June] (Milliyet)
New chair of [exporters association] TIM Gulle takes over duty (Milliyet)
CPI inflation sees fourteen years’ high in June (Hurriyet)
[Special consumption tax] OTV on alcoholic beverages raised by 15.5% (Hurriyet)
Lobbying heats up ahead of new cabinet formation (Hurriyet)
Civil servants to get 8.7% pay hike [for H2], other retirees – 9.2% (Sabah)
EU prefers no break in migrant deal with Turkey (Sabah)
Israeli forces shoot Palestinian carrying Turkish flag in Gaza (Sabah)
Erdogan meets with top army officials to get information about Manbij (Vatan)
Onion pushes inflation up [Prices of basic vegetables spike in June] (Vatan)
Auto market shifts down [Auto sales fall by 39% y/y in June – association] (Vatan)
Jul 03, 2018 06:28GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Soft-landing [Foreign trade gap falls y/y in June for first time in one year] (Vatan)
Economy management reportedly pledges investors to prioritise reforms (Vatan)
Deposit rates see 9.5-year high at 19% (Vatan)
Local elections to be backdated if AKP, MHP, CHP agree (Vatan)
Energy firms fill top three places in list of [Turkey’s] largest firms – Fortune Turkey (Star)
300 PKK terrorists killed in one month (Star)
Banking sector profit rises by TRY 2.7bn y/y [to TRY 23.8bn in Jan-May] (Milliyet)
Kilicdaroglu and Ince meet for first time since elections (Milliyet)
Applications to zoning amnesty reach 1.8mn (Sabah)
Jul 02, 2018 06:29GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Exports rise y/y [in June] for twentieth consecutive month (Hurriyet)
Week of transition [Government to issue statutory decrees for switch to presidential system] (Hurriyet)
Markets to eye economy team of new cabinet – opinion (Vatan)
[Istanbul’s retail] inflation exceeds 12.0% y/y [in June] (Vatan)
New government to make market-friendly reforms – opinion (Sabah)
Syrians returning home thanks to [Turkey-backed] operations – Gaziantep Mayor Sahin (Milliyet)
Putting local elections back to be beneficial – Agricultural Minister Fakibaba (Milliyet)
Jun 29, 2018 06:43GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Last two days for house sales campaign (Vatan)
Merkel calls EU to fulfil EUR 3bn refugee aid to Turkey (Vatan)
China’s Alibaba to invest in [e-clothing retailer] Trendyol (Vatan)
No step back from S-400 deal with Russia – Erdogan’s spokesperson Kalin (Vatan)
Free Syrian Army waits for instruction to enter Manbij [to be left by Kurdish YPG] (Milliyet)
Outgoing chair of [exporters association] TIM Buyukeksi says ready to take role in new government (Milliyet)
New cabinet to be announced after [Erdogan takes presidential] oath – Kalin (Milliyet)
Government reportedly to pass alliance laws till [oath-taking on] Jul 8 (Milliyet)
[CHP chair] Kilicdaroglu uses pretexts not to leave post after each poll he loses (Sabah)
Locals sell TRY 2bn of lira assets in first two days after elections (Sabah)
CHP leadership refers MP calling Kilicdaroglu to resign to disciplinary (Sabah)
Merkel: Turkey does excellent work in hosting Syrian migrants (Sabah)
Pollster SONAR chair Bayrakci admits manipulating poll results in favour of opposition (Star)
Housing market to revive as election uncertainty ends (Star)
Jun 28, 2018 06:39GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
MHP raises popularity in south-eastern Turkey (Milliyet)
President Erdogan meets with MHP leader Bahceli [for first time after polls] (Milliyet)
Turkey to climb energy ladder with [modernisation of] Salt Lake gas storage facility – minister (Milliyet)
Ankara reacts to EU General Affairs Council over comments on Turkey (Milliyet)
CHP’s partner PKK kills AKP’s polling clerk (Star)
Applications to zoning amnesty exceed 1.3mn (Star)
CHP not to sideline anybody from party – CHP leader Kilicdaroglu (Hurriyet)
Court orders release of journalist Altan (Hurriyet)
Jun 27, 2018 06:41GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Pushy Kilicdaroglu [CHP leader implies not to leave post] (Sabah)
Trump congratulates Erdogan [for election victory] (Sabah)
New era in monetary policy [New government to support price stability, reduce interest cost burden] – opinion (Sabah)
Veteran investor Mark Mobius says buy Turkish lira (Sabah)
Erdogan wins votes in Europe despite restrictions by governments (Sabah)
Kilicdaroglu warns those having eyes on party chair (Hurriyet)
IYI Party chair Aksener to remain on post (Hurriyet)
Prices of twenty-two US-made products to rise with additional import tax (Hurriyet)
Summit for new system [Erdogan meets with some ministers, bureaucrats to discuss transition to new system] (Milliyet)
Tomato prices rise with disease in [large producer] Antalya (Milliyet)
Nineteen coup-plotter soldiers sentenced to aggravated life in prison (Milliyet)
AK Party only loser of elections – Kilicdaroglu (Milliyet)
Hotel reservations boom as presidential elections conclude on first round (Star)
PM Yildirim reportedly comes to fore for speaker of new parliament (Star)
Jun 26, 2018 06:46GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Eyes on new cabinet [Erdogan expected to take oath on Jul 8] (Milliyet)
[CHP’s presidential candidate] Ince accepts defeat (Milliyet)
AKP-MHP wins 52% of right-wing votes [forecast at 62-64%] (Milliyet)
CHP raises number of MPs thanks to alliance [with IYI Party, SP] (Milliyet)
Erdogan: Eternal winner – foreign media on Erdogan’s victory (Vatan)
Ince says ready to lead [if supported by people] (Vatan)
Cabinet composition to be key to lira course amid unfavourable global environment – opinion (Vatan)
MHP holds key to parliament (Vatan)
AKP loses popularity in largest cities Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir (Vatan)
IYI Party wins 43 seats in first election it runs (Vatan)
HDP loses votes to AKP in [de facto Kurdish capital] Diyarbakir (Vatan)
Time for economic reforms – opinion (Sabah)
Election outcome paves way for strong economy (Sabah)
CHP exceeds 30% psychological vote barrier after 41 years – Ince (Hurriyet)
Heavy agenda in pipeline for switch to presidential system (Hurriyet)
Businesses demand government to focus on economy after elections (Hurriyet)
Lira rise after elections broken by global concerns on trade protectionism (Hurriyet)
MHP steal votes from AKP (Hurriyet)
Jun 25, 2018 06:44GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
People’s President [Erdogan becomes first executive president of Turkey] (Star)
Sixteen ministers, nine presidential boards and four offices [reportedly] planned in new system (Star)
Financial market fragility to end with elections (Star)
Election outcome to boost economy – business representatives (Star)
Elections held in secure environment despite provocations by CHP (Star)
Erdogan gains victory on first round [with 52.4% of votes] (Hurriyet)
People’s Alliance [of AKP, MHP] wins majority in parliament (Hurriyet)
Ince wins more votes than CHP (Hurriyet)
MHP becomes key in parliament (Hurriyet)
Markets respond positively to election outcome initially (Hurriyet)
Heavy economic agenda waits for new government (Hurriyet)
People’s Alliance secures 342 MPs [with AKP winning 293 seats and MHP – 49] (Vatan)
[South-eastern district] Suruc again witnesses election tension (Vatan)
Pollsters fail to forecast MHP’s vote share [at above 11%] (Vatan)
Summer resorts empty as people go to ballot box [Election turnout high at 88%] (Vatan)
We get message of ballot box, to eliminate deficiencies – Erdogan (Vatan)
CHP resists to end [CHP sticks to claim of media manipulation of poll results till YSK’s announcement] (Vatan)
Turkey teaches lesson of democracy to world – Erdogan (Sabah)
Voters prefer political stability – businesses (Sabah)
AKP raises votes in south-eastern Turkey (Sabah)
Jun 22, 2018 06:55GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Historic moment [First plane carrying Erdogan lands at new Istanbul airport] (Vatan)
Consortium led by German Drees&Sommer to finish projects of Dumankaya and Fi Yapi (Vatan)
Potato and onion prices exceed even cherry prices (Vatan)
Lockheed Martin hosts F-35 rollout ceremony for Turkey (Vatan)
Millions participate in Ince’s Izmir rally (Hurriyet)
Government mulls imports to address potato, onion price hikes (Hurriyet)
Thirty-five senior PKK members wiped out – President Erdogan (Hurriyet)
Democracy to be reconstructed – Nation’s Alliance (Hurriyet)
People aware of plots against Turkish economy – PM Yildirim (Sabah)
HDP/PKK hidden partner of opposition alliance – Yildirim (Sabah)
Jun 21, 2018 06:38GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Team of senior PKK members killed in [air strikes to] Qandil – President Erdogan (Hurriyet)
Housing market revives [in May] with administrative support, sales campaigns (Hurriyet)
Qandil operation is election move – CHP’s presidential candidate Ince (Hurriyet)
Ince’s election pledges to cost TRY 300bn to budget – deputy PM Simsek (Hurriyet)
Erdogan to be first passenger landing on new Istanbul Airport today (Sabah)
Turkey may purchase Russian Su57 fighter jets if F-35 deal with US fails – opinion (Sabah)
Tender on offshore wind energy to be held in October (Sabah)
Manbij roadmap processing smoothly – Foreign Minister Cavusoglu (Sabah)
Interest rates definitely to fall – Erdogan (Milliyet)
YPG to be disarmed by US [while leaving Manbij] – Cavusoglu (Milliyet)
Two F-35s [by US-based Lockheed Martin] ready to be delivered [to Turkey] (Milliyet)
Jun 20, 2018 06:53GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Turkish soldiers aid Afrin people after operation against PKK/YPG (Vatan)
Attempts to cast out Kurds to face me – President Erdogan (Vatan)
Turkey very cheaper than Europe [2017 purchasing parity data shows] (Vatan)
[CHP’s presidential candidate] Ince vows to battle with terror (Vatan)
Vote for AKP and Erdogan for stability, NGOs call (Sabah)
Prosecutors demand up to 15 years imprisonment for 62 Bank Asya shareholders (Sabah)
All terrorists to be wiped out – Erdogan (Sabah)
Kobani to be new target after Manbij – PM Yildirim [on YPG’s withdrawal from Manbij] (Sabah)
Friend or foe? [US Senate approves bill to block sale of F-35s to Turkey while soldiers patrol Manbij together] (Milliyet)
Turkish jets hit critical PKK targets in Qandil continuously (Milliyet)
Three soldiers killed in PKK trap [in south-eastern Turkey] (Milliyet)
US blackmails Turkey with F-35s to bargain for jailed US pastor (Star)
Jun 19, 2018 06:39GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Turkish Armed Forces] TSK in Manbij, next target is Qandil [Army starts patrolling Manbij] (Milliyet)
Unemployment rate falls to 22-month low [of 10.1% in March] (Milliyet)
House prices rise by 81% since 2010 (Milliyet)
Manbij to be cleared of terrorists – President Erdogan (Star)
Government ready for economic transformation after elections – Energy Minister Albayrak (Star)
Budget posts TRY 2.7bn surplus [in May] (Star)
Budget sound after all those incentives (Vatan)
[Glass maker] Sisecam buys second plant in Italy [for EUR 15.7mn] (Vatan)
Industry creates one-fourth of new employment in one year’s time (Hurriyet)
Jun 24 elections to burry old Turkey – President Erdogan (Hurriyet)
[CHP’s presidential candidate] Ince vows cabinet to reflect all society segments (Hurriyet)
Jun 18, 2018 06:31GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Not opposition but AKP is good at serving people – President Erdogan [in Istanbul rally] (Sabah)
Seventy PKK terrorists killed [in air strikes to Qandil] in four days (Sabah)
Turkey to teach West lesson in elections – Erdogan (Hurriyet)
Presidential system to provide additional guarantee to republican state – AKP MP Sentop (Hurriyet)
[CHP’s presidential candidate] Ince challenges Erdogan with invitation to live debate (Hurriyet)
Lira depreciation shifts local tourist interest away from Greek islands (Milliyet)
Are you blind to investments made [during AKP ruling]? – Erdogan to Ince (Milliyet)
Feast of Democracy: Millions participate in Erdogan’s Istanbul rally (Star)
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