Press mood stories for Serbia

Jan 19, 2018 07:08GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
United in pain, Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic buried in Belgrade (Politika)
Imported raspberries bring down purchase prices of domestic ones (Politika)
Excises push up retail fuel price (Politika)
Issuance of building permits increased by 49% y/y in Jan-Nov (Danas)
EU welcomes readiness of Serbia and Kosovo to continue dialogue on normalization of their relations (Danas)
Army is ready to defend northern Kosovo (Vecernje Novosti)
Ekspobank to extend loans to exporters to Russia (Blic)
Government adopts bill of e-administration (Blic)
Jan 18, 2018 07:00GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Kosovo is ready for cooperation in investigation of killing of Kosovo Serb politician Ivanovic (Danas)
NBS: Credits are not forbidden to media (Danas)
CeSID and CRTA to be domestic observers in Belgrade elections (Danas)
Mitrovica bids farewell to Oliver Ivanovic (Politika)
Serbs hold EUR 9.3bn in bank accounts (Politika)
Mitrovica bids farewell to Ivanovic (Vecernje Novosti)
Dialogue with Kosovo to resume after results of investigation of killing of Ivanovic are in place (Vecernje Novosti)
Jan 17, 2018 06:59GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
President Vucic: Assassination of Oliver Ivanovic is terrorist act (Politika)
Remittance inflows exceeded EUR 2.8bn in 2017 (Politika)
Oliver Ivanovic shot six times, fear from instability in Kosovo that could affect whole region (Vecernje Novosti)
President Vucic to visit Kosovo Serbs during the weekend (Vecernje Novosti)
Dialogue with Kosovo will not resume until assassination is resolved (Vecernje Novosti)
Assault on Oliver Ivanovic, shot dead during ambush (Blic)
SRS, SPS-JS submit lists for Belgrade elections (Blic)
Political murder or terrorist act, reactions to killing of Oliver Inavovic (Danas)
FinMin Vujovic: Money from concession of Belgrade airport to be used for investments and loan repayment (Danas)
Kosovo PM Haradinaj: We will invite FBI if needed to help in investigation of Ivanovic's killing (Danas)
Jan 16, 2018 07:13GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Japanese initiative for Western Balkans (Politika)
Elections in Belgrade to be held on Mar 4 (Politika)
Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to resume today (Politika)
Drop in unemployment does not follow production growth or number of employed (Danas)
Japan to send special ambassador to the Balkans (Danas)
SNS first submits list for Belgrade elections (Danas)
Japan's PM encourages Japanese firms to invest more in Serbia (Vecernje Novosti)
Parliament Speaker calls Belgrade elections for Mar 4 (Vecernje Novosti)
Food exports are decreasing (Vecernje Novosti)
SNS submits electoral list for Belgrade elections (Vecernje Novosti)
Tadic supports DS' candidate Sutanovac, DS should be rebuilt and re-united he says (Blic)
Aleksandar Antic: SPS electoral list will include nice surprises (Blic)
Jan 15, 2018 07:19GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Belgrade elections to be held on Mar 4? (Danas)
Director of Children's Hospital to head SNS list for elections, ballerina Aja Jung to be second (Danas)
PM Brnabic expects negative campaigning for elections (Danas)
Doctors, deans, artists, athletes to join race for Belgrade city assembly (Politika)
BiH Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak: BiH will not recognize Kosovo (Vecernje Novosti)
Who are the first 20 candidates on SNS list for elections (Vecernje Novosti)
SNS leader Vucic: Radojicic could be mayor of Belgrade (Blic)
Japan's PM arrives on visit to Serbia (Blic)
DS leader Dragan Sutanovac: Success will be only change of Vucic's regime (Blic)
Jan 12, 2018 07:16GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
SNS starts campaign for Belgrade elections on Monday (Vecernje Novosti)
Selakovic, Mali and Sapic are favourites of bookmakers for Belgrade mayor (Danas)
Humanitarian centre in Nis will not get diplomatic status (Danas)
Only four politicians to be included on top of SNS list for Belgrade elections (Politika)
NBS: Bulgarian lev and Romanian leu included in the list of foreign currencies that may be traded in Serbia's fx market (Politika)
SNS and SPS to run separately in Belgrade elections, then make coalition (Blic)
Jan 11, 2018 07:06GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Elections to be held only in Belgrade (Politika)
SPS leader Dacic: Socialists will run alone or together with SNS in Belgrade elections (Politika)
SNS presidency solves dilemma: Elections only in Belgrade (Vecernje Novosti)
Serbia to get EUR 2.7mn grant from Norway for various projects, including fight against cybercrime and drug trafficking (Vecernje Novosti)
Production at Fiat's plant resumes (Danas)
There will be no parliamentary elections, Belgrade elections to be held in March (Danas)
There will be no early parliamentary elections, SNS launches campaign for Belgrade on Wednesday (Blic)
European Commission: Bringing Western Balkans closer to EU will be among priorities in 2018 (Blic)
Jan 10, 2018 07:19GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Minister Joksimovic: Serbia is the most serious candidate for EU membership (Politika)
Serbia's budget is enchanting, GDP growth - disappointing (Politika)
Money from concession of Belgrade airport should be invested in infrastructure (Politika)
EU: New enlargement in 2025 (Danas)
Patriarch Irinej: President Vucic is fighting like a lion for Kosovo (Vecernje Novosti)
Economy ministry hopes that SMEs will employ 1mn people in ten years (Vecernje Novosti)
SNS expected to discuss team for Belgrade elections (Vecernje Novosti)
Serbia and Montenegro should be ready for EU membership by 2025, according to draft strategy for Western Balkans (Vecernje Novosti)
Serbia to export 5,000 tons of beef per year to Turkey (Blic)
Party Together for Serbia supports Dragan Djilas as mayor of Belgrade (Blic)
Meeting of SNS presidency that is expected to discuss elections to start in 5pm local time (Blic)
Jan 09, 2018 07:15GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Price of concession of Belgrade airport is good, details of contract remain to be agreed on (Politika)
Agriculture Minister Nedimovic: State does not have EUR 100mn to invest in Belgrade agricultural company PKB, authorities yet to decide on model of privatisation (Politika)
There is no staff surplus in power utility EPS, claims trade union representative (Danas)
PM Brnabic: Government to decide on diplomatic status of personnel of Serbian-Russian humanitarian centre in line with the best interests of country (Vecernje Novosti)
Consultants to transform public road company Putevi Srbije (Vecernje Novosti)
New EU chapters could be opened in March (Vecernje Novosti)
Presidency of SNS to decide tomorrow on merger of local and early parliamentary elections (Blic)
Jan 08, 2018 07:07GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Egypt to withdraw recognition of Kosovo? (Vecernje Novosti)
SNS leadership advocates early parliamentary election (Vecernje Novosti)
France's VINCI gets concession of Belgrade airport for EUR 501mn (Vecernje Novosti)
State to get EUR 417mn, citizens - EUR 84mn from concession of airport (Danas)
President Vucic seeks China's assistance for finding strategic partner for RTB Bor (Danas)
Sofia can accelerate EU path of Belgrade (Danas)
Half of billion of euros from concession of airport (Blic)
Former Belgrade mayor Dragan Djilas: If someone of leaders of the opposition has higher support than me, I will back him (Blic)
Foreign Minister Dacic: Tough talks about Kosovo are ahead of us (Blic)
Jan 05, 2018 07:16GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Decision on status of Russian staff in Serbian-Russian humanitarian centre in Nis to be made by June (Vecernje Novosti)
SNS cannot get more than 44% in Belgrade (Danas)
Trade unions at power utility EPS defend directors from Fiscal Council (Danas)
SDS of Boris Tadic is close to decision to join hands with DS for Belgrade elections (Danas)
Model of sale of copper mining and smelting complex RTB Bor to be known in February (Politika)
Budget surplus at end-November stands at RSD 76.3bn (Blic)
Jan 04, 2018 07:07GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Minister Nenad Popovic: Russians in Nis should be granted diplomatic status (Vecernje Novosti)
Nikola Tesla airport handled 5.3mn passengers in 2017 (Vecernje Novosti)
Higher minimum wage for 350,000 people - RSD 24,822 per month (Vecernje Novosti)
Leader of People's Party Vuk Jeremic: I don't understand decision of DS to run alone in Belgrade elections (Blic)
Policy of incentives for job creation remains priority for economy ministry (Danas)
Serbia pledged to IMF to complete privatisation of Belgrade agricultural company PKB by H1 (Politika)
Parliament Speaker Gojkovic: Final date for holding Belgrade elections is Mar 18 (Politika)
Jan 03, 2018 07:02GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
A year of political battles: annual survey by Politika daily and Faktor plus pollster (Politika)
EconMin Goran Knezevic: It is not true that public companies are unreformed (Politika)
Parliaments of RS and Serbia to adopt joint declaration for survival of all Serbs (Vecernje Novosti)
PM Brnabic is most satisfied with education sector (Vecernje Novosti)
SPS senior official Ruzic: Dacic will never step down as leader of SPS (Blic)
World Bank Country Manager for Serbia Stephen Ndegwa: WB will insist on pace of reforms in 2018 (Blic)
Non-taxable income threshold increased to RSD 15,000 (Danas)
Dec 22, 2017 06:45GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
West to increase pressure on Serbia because of its reluctance to impose sanctions on Russia (Vecernje Novosti)
Banatski dvor gas depot is planned to be expanded by 60% (Vecernje Novosti)
Serbia will not betray Russia (Politika)
IMF leaves, everyone is satisfied (Politika)
Without leader there is no SNS (Danas)
DS leader Sutanovac: We want strategic coalition for Belgrade elections but DS is not willing to support anyone (Blic)
Dec 21, 2017 07:17GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Russia is ready to join dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo if US do so (Politika)
Serbia gets for first time right to export Russian gas (Politika)
Corn exports fall by 90% y/y in October and November (Politika)
President Vucic: Serbia does not vote to the detriment of Russia (Danas)
Serbia will resell gas to ex-Yugoslavia countries (Danas)
If US join Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Russia will do the same (Vecernje Novosti)
Dacic, Seselj and Palma may form coalition for Belgrade elections (Blic)
IMF completes eighth review under SBA with Serbia (Blic)
Dec 20, 2017 07:22GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Russian President Putin invites Serbia to become part of Turkish Stream (Politika)
Chairman of Management Board of Russian Gazprom Neft Alexander Dyukov: Some USD 2.2bn will be invested in oil and gas company NIS by 2025 (Politika)
Former Belgrade Mayor Djilas does not have and will not have agreement with SNS (Danas)
Vladimir Putin: Involving Serbia in Turkish Stream project is being considered (Danas)
MEP Tanja Fajon: Judiciary in Serbia is not independent (Danas)
Russia will protect Serbia's integrity (Vecernje Novosti)
Radicals, socialists and United Serbia to form union for Belgrade elections? (Vecernje Novosti)
Russia to support any decision of Serbia on Kosovo (Blic)
Former Belgrade Mayor Djilas and leader of People's Party Jeremic met: United front of opposition for Belgrade elections is needed (Blic)
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