Press mood stories for Central And Eastern Europe

Oct 16, 2018 06:47GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Peace [in Syria] impossible with [Kurdish] PYD’s presence – opinion (Star)
[More than 250] Village headmen dismissed on links to terror (Star)
Branded house sales to foreigners spike in September (Star)
Labour force participation [rate] sees historical high [in July] (Star)
Turkish police investigate Saudi consulate thirteen days after [disappearance of journalist Khashoggi] (Hurriyet)
Employment growth slows down, unemployment rate rises to 10.8% [in July] (Hurriyet)
[Transfer of CHP stake in Isbank to Treasury] Disregards Ataturk’s will – CHP deputy chair Oztrak (Hurriyet)
Turkey to get rid of chains of interest and inflation – FinMin Albayrak (Sabah)
[Al-Qaida-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham gives] Signal of withdrawal [of radical groups from Syria’s Idlib] (Sabah)
Erdogan: We are in period of great war against FETO (Sabah)
Oct 16, 2018 06:46GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Commercial register at risk of new breakdown, to be upgraded urgently (Capital Daily)
Parliamentary budgetary commission to discuss new [formula] for calculating car tax (Sega)
[GERB’s parliamentary group leader] Tsvetanov in [town of Smolyan]: BSP’s [no-confidence] vote has no chance to succeed (24 Chasa)
MEP Andrey Novakov: EU to allocate [to Bulgaria] 8% higher funding after 2020 (Trud)
Defence Minister: We will sign [contract] for [purchase of] new jet fighters by end of year (Monitor)
Oct 16, 2018 06:45GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[Foreign minister] Peter Szijjarto: Hungary is interested in good neighbourly relations with Ukraine (Magyar Idok)
General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate [nationalist] Jobbik’s money (Magyar Idok)
No more tricks with wages [no increase in abuses despite wage hikes] (Magyar Idok)
Strong turnover in hotels expected this weekend (Magyar Idok)
Housing saving support can cease today (Vilaggazdasag)
First phase of Zalaegerszeg test track [for autonomous vehicles] to be completed by year-end (Vilaggazdasag)
Morgan Stanley does not expect any change from central bank [today] (Vilaggazdasag)
Autumn harvest proceeds well but rainfall is needed (Vilaggazdasag)
Tax authority [NAV] publishes list with largest tax debtors [49 companies and 44 private individuals] (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Oct 16, 2018 06:16GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Most of parties demand recount of votes (Dnevni Avaz)
Fuel prices increase to up to KM 2.41 per litre (Dnevni Avaz)
EC report: Clerks leave BiH as well (Nezavisne Novine)
Newly elected Serb member of BiH presidency Dodik: I will appoint Emir Kusturica as adviser (Nezavisne Novine)
Possible intervention in case of drastic increase of fuel prices in RS (Glas Srpske)
Central Election Commission: Dodik and SNSD fined with KM 12,000 (Glas Srpske)
It is time SDA to take a break from power (Oslobodjenje)
Oct 16, 2018 06:07GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Brussels reduces subsidies to Fiat (Politika)
Law on parafiscal charges should be adopted by end-November (Politika)
Leader of People's Party Jeremic: Boycott of elections if authorities do not guarantee fair and democratic conditions (Danas)
Serbia, US' Behtel sign memorandum on construction of Morava corridor (Danas)
Revenues of companies operating in free zones are nearly EUR 5bn (Vecernje Novosti)
Tomislav Nikolic brings together unsatisfied members of SNS and opposition (Blic)
Oct 16, 2018 06:01GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Due to unpaid wages for September in [ailing shipyard] Uljanik, a strike may be possible (Vecernji List)
[PM Andrej] Plenkovic after the protest [in Vukovar]: The government is responsible, we did not recognise ourselves in the criticisms (Vecernji List)
[Croatian absurd:] The bridge on Drava River has been completed at 99.7% for two years now -- and is still waiting [to be launched] (Vecernji List)
[Unions:] We do not expect any miracles from the Uljanik’s general assembly [today] (Vecernji List)
Will small shareholders [of Uljanik] give today mistrust [to CEO Gianni] Rossanda? (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Petrokemija’s [General] Assembly without quorum, new in 2 weeks (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Retail trade this year will grow by 3% (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[Economy minister Darko Horvat:] We're waiting for those who will bring bigger salaries (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Plenkovic: We did not recognise the government in the criticisms put forward at a gathering in Vukovar. I think the messages of some speakers were not good (Jutarnji List)
Audit of EU funds drawing: Croatia criticised for falsified documents, but commended for VAT application (Jutarnji List)
Workers [of Uljanik] without wages, management without solution – If the EC does not approve the new restructuring programme, dock goes to bankruptcy? (Jutarnji List)
Uljanik costs [state budget] EUR 300mn by end-year (Jutarnji List)
Was [reformist party] Most finally publicly declared as a right-wing party? (Jutarnji List)
[Health] Minister Milan Kujundzic: Inspections ongoing in hospitals, we will not protect anyone (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Verdict on [Zagreb Mayor] Milan Bandic on Friday: [Anti-corruption police] USKOK thinks it [case] is a brilliant example of political corruption (Novi List)
[Main opposition SDP party head Davor] Bernardic: The HDZ uses state institutions for intra-party calculations (Novi List)
Oct 16, 2018 04:35GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Situation reversed: Loans in local currency represent two thirds in total (Ziarul Financiar)
Economists think high deficit may determine foreign capital to discriminate local market (Ziarul Financiar)
PM Dancila meets with Recep Erdogan (Adevarul)
Bill changing justice laws dissatisfies everyone (Adevarul)
Special pension is four times higher than usual pension (Adevarul)
Offshore law is blocked for two weeks (Adevarul)
EC sends audit mission to check up swine fever situation in Romania (Gandul)
PM Benjamin Netanyahu postpones visit to Romania for second time (Gandul)
Justice minister makes himself king of prosecutors (Bursa)
Farmers to receive subventions in advance (Bursa)
Romania ranks last in EU in social progress index report (Romania Libera)
Romanian industry imports wood and exports luxury furniture (Romania Libera)
Mall developers look to small towns (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 16, 2018 03:59GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government to buy medicines from one supplier only (Vedomosti)
Audit chamber doubts Putin's decree will be realized [criticizes draft budget 2019-2021] (Vedomosti)
How to compensate for labour shortages in industry (Vedomosti)
Vekselberg may challenge US sanctions in court (Vedomosti)
EC approves mechanism for punishing use of chemical weapons (Kommersant)
Audit chamber criticizes budget (Kommersant)
Oil helped industrial output in September (Kommersant)
Oct 16, 2018 02:07GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Higher social security contributions for the rich? [Const. Tribunal to rule on Duda's motion on related bill on Oct 30; govt reported set to delay increases to 2020 even if it wins] (Rzeczpospolita)
Provinces that will decide who wins local elections (Rzeczpospolita)
PiS could lose Warsaw [PO-backed candidate in runoff - 61%, PiS's - 33%] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Reduced fuel prices for the local election? [local prices fall despite higher global prices] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
President lies in Vatican in relation to Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
KRS screens next batch of candidates for Supreme Court (Rzeczpospolita)
Promotions tied to PiS's Kempa (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Great unknown tax revolution [FinMin working on reforms] (Rzeczpospolita)
Split payment isn't attractive enough for companies (Rzeczpospolita)
Tutoring - new ZUS regulations could increase move to grey area (Rzeczpospolita)
Brexit: Catastrophe ever closer (Rzeczpospolita)
NBP sponsors post-graduate diploma tied to Father Rydzyk's school (Gazeta Wyborcza)
No miracle expected in terms of Polish coal production (Rzeczpospolita)
Oct 15, 2018 06:21GMT, Turkey, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Erdogan, Saudi king discuss [case of missing journalist] Khashoggi [on phone] (Milliyet)
Ministry presents mobile application [for consumers] to track information on fruits, vegetables (Milliyet)
Government to protect poor with tax system (Sabah)
Russian parliament praises Turkey for role in Syria’s Idlib (Sabah)
Honda Turkey not affected much by economic turbulence (Hurriyet)
Istanbul as safe as London – Parliamentary Speaker Yildirim [on terrorism threat] (Hurriyet)
Turkish assets may rally on Brunson release [this week] – opinion (Vatan)
Oct 15, 2018 06:11GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
A-SDA calls for recount of votes (Dnevni Avaz)
Head of CIK Petric enabled electoral theft (Dnevni Avaz)
New members of BiH presidency have not taken office yet but tension appears (Nezavisne Novine)
Dodik wins record high number of votes (Nezavisne Novine)
Komsic is the biggest problem of HDZ BiH (Oslobodjenje)
Aluminij Mostar gets another 24 hours of hope (Oslobodjenje)
Oct 15, 2018 06:06GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
[HDZ MP] Stevo Culej[, the only in party who voted against the Istanbul Convention] leaving HDZ [to become independent]? (Vecernji List)
[Vukovar Mayor] Ivan Penava: If this is the case [-- HDZ disapproves protests in Vukovar as no member came], I will leave the HDZ (Vecernji List)
[HNB Governor] Boris Vujcic proclaimed the best governor in CEE (Vecernji List)
[Eurostat data:] Industrial production in the EU grows in annual terms in August, in Croatia falls (Vecernji List)
14% of the population left Croatia (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Investors are more interested in [shipbuilder] 3. Maj, not in [ailing shipyard] Uljanik (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[Health minister Milan] Kujundzic would save the collapsed healthcare by one but totally wrong move (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Uljanik faces stormy days: Funds for paying wages are missing, assembly [for selecting new supervisory board] also questionable (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Boris Vujcic was proclaimed the best governor in Central and Eastern Europe (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Economy minister [Darko Horvat]: If [businessman Danko] Koncar seriously wants [to become a strategic partner of] Uljanik, he has to immediately give EUR 200mn! Otherwise we have different options (Jutarnji List)
Boris Vujcic recognised best [central bank] governor in CEE [by Global Markets magazine]: We have kept the course and financial stability in the conditions of a long recession (Jutarnji List)
Thousands of people in Vukovar, protesters screamed 'Betrayal, betrayal'! From the stage, they released footage of [war] victims' testimonies (Slobodna Dalmacija)
Minister Darko Horvat: Investors are basically interested in May 3rd. Uljanik is not interesting to them (Novi List)
Who is Vadim Novinsky -- Controversial billionaire deemed responsible for ruining Ukrainian shipbuilding as well (Novi List)
Oct 15, 2018 05:59GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Summit of transport ministers of CEE countries and China to be held this week in Belgrade (Politika)
Serbia lacks 5,000 professional drivers (Danas)
Talks on new Russian loan for infrastructure (Danas)
Dacic to remain at the helm of SPS (Vecernje Novosti)
Reconstruction of railway lines in Serbia will be completed by end-2019 (Blic)

Oct 15, 2018 05:49GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
All homeless people are provided with care (Magyar Idok)
[Foreign minister] Peter Szijjarto: We will vote against any sanctions on Poland (Magyar Idok)
Opposition parties are at disadvantage [no opposition candidate for Budapest mayor nominated] (Magyar Idok)
Difference between highest and lowest average earnings has decreased (Magyar Idok)
Debrecen is at forefront of drug development (Vilaggazdasag)
There are fewer defaulting retail debtors (Vilaggazdasag)
Cabinet to launch another HUF 8bn package for support to construction sector (Vilaggazdasag)
Opposition [mayor] candidate wins in Szombathely (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Government wants to dismiss hundreds of people out of public sector (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Oct 15, 2018 05:22GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Government wants to control all hospitals’ functioning and budget (Capital Daily)
Municipalities grant half of their dams to state (Capital Daily)
Minimum insurance income also to be raised as of 2019 [discussions on measure to be held today] (Sega)
[Opposition BSP] might not want to overthrow [PM] Borissov [government], President [Radev] implies (24 Chasa)
[Bulgaria] is 44th [worldwide] in [World Bank’s] human capital [rating] (Trud)
[President] Rumen Radev about [journalist] murder in Ruse: Enormous deficit in trust [towards institutions] comes to light (Monitor)
Oct 15, 2018 04:50GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
External demand keeps industry afoot, above GDP growth (Ziarul Financiar)
Three quarters of bills in Romania are paid on time (Ziarul Financiar)
Capital city buys hybrid buses with RON 488mn (Ziarul Financiar)
Tension inside PSD-ALDE alliance because [Justice Minister] Tudorel Toader wants another emergency bill on justice laws (Adevarul)
Parliament’s criminal procedure code is chopped up by CCR (Adevarul)
Transport minister wants to liberalised railway transport as of 2019 (Adevarul)
Wind energy covers 30% in electricity consumption in Romania (Gandul)
Wholesale trade and industrial output increase in August (Bursa)
Scandal in PSD continues with new resignation demands (Curierul National)
WB: Romania risks condemning future generations to poverty (Curierul National)
PSD senators’ leader is unsatisfied with new emergency bill on justice laws (Romania Libera)
Oct 15, 2018 04:15GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Foreigners will complain to Medvedev about his subordinates (Vedomosti)
EU is preparing new sanctions on Russia (Vedomosti)
Share of federal budget in pension fund to increase (Vedomosti)
Investments stopped growing in August (Vedomosti)
State banks need more money [deposit rates exceed 7%] (Vedomosti)
Forex deposits remain in Russia banks [CBR data do not show significant outflow] (Kommersant)
UK is trying to persuade EU to respond to chemical and cyber- attacks (Kommersant)
Oil starts to flow downwards, but ruble holds ground (Kommersant)
The return of carry trade [foreign banks in Russia believe profits exceed sanction risks] (Kommersant)
Oct 15, 2018 03:39GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Economics above politics - S&P upgrade (Rzeczpospolita)
Poland's S&P rating back to where it was in 2015 (Rzeczpospolita)
Battle for local govts enters final phase [last week before first round] (Rzeczpospolita)
Second round going to be needed for many prominent big city mayoral races (Gazeta Wyborcza)
PiS's Karczewski: Local govts needs PiS's 'good changes' (Rzeczpospolita)
Balcerowicz's FOR: PiS ruins local govts (Rzeczpospolita)
Poles want permanent US army base but don't want to pay for it [57% for base, 38% don't want to pay] (Rzeczpospolita)
Polish hooligans vs. Equality March (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Govt considering mandatory immunisations for immigrants from outside EU (Rzeczpospolita)
Morawiecki tweets, PM's chancellery buys (Rzeczpospolita)
Problems for PM Morawiecki's dad [party violates electoral laws] (Rzeczpospolita)
Health minister nicer to drug companies [in prepping changes to drug refund list] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
LOT again threatened with strike (Rzeczpospolita)
Oct 12, 2018 06:29GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
The truth about the Croatian judiciary (Vecernji List)
Opposition: You [-- the civil initiatives People Decide and The Truth About Istanbul] should be liable for falsified signatures [in petitions for calling two referendums] (Vecernji List)
[Food and retail conglomerate Agrokor in] August with the lowest operating expense since activating Lex Agrokor (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Financing possibilities from EU funds are large, we currently have 55% of contracted funds (Poslovni Dnevnik)
We share profit with employees, but we do not want to ban work on Sundays (Poslovni Dnevnik)
APIS head: We did not get information [on referendum motions signature count] to media, it is not possible. We are to check the signatures for the referendums and deliver the results to the Commission (Jutarnji List)
The [HDS deputy head and deputy parliament speaker Milijan] Brkic case: The investigation of leak of internal information, which was closed in 2011, may be renewed (Jutarnji List)
Croatia receives 12 completely new helicopters – US donation is worth USD 50mn (Slobodna Dalmacija)
[PM Andrej] Plenkovic defends [health] minister: I completely reject all reasons for the dismissal of [Milan] Kujundzic (Novi List)
Opposition: Kujundzic is the worst minister (Novi List)
We have not drawn lessons from mistakes: How will Croatia respond to a new crisis that is waiting for us in 2020 at the latest? (Novi List)
Unions [at ailing dock Uljanik] welcome the interest of potential partners from Ukraine: If the salary for September does not arrive on Monday, we form the Strike Board (Novi List)
Oct 12, 2018 06:18GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
World’s largest fund manager [BlackRock] expands in Budapest (Magyar Idok)
[Jobbik’s deputy leader] Janos Volner expects to be excluded from party (Magyar Idok)
Investments worth HUF 1,100bn expected in Budapest (Magyar Idok)
Fuel consumption rises in Q1-Q3 (Vilaggazdasag)
Hungarian-Russian agriculture relations improve (Vilaggazdasag)
Working hours of Hungarians are increasing (Vilaggazdasag)
There are plenty of challenges on [leasing] market (Vilaggazdasag)
Viktor Orban praises Greek extreme right in letter (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Putin outlines to PM Orban specific plans for further cooperation in various fields (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Oct 12, 2018 06:09GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
SDA determines election winners through theft (Dnevni Avaz)
SDP leader Niksic: If SDA cannot, we will form government (Dnevni Avaz)
Cigarette prices to increase again by KM 0.10-0.30 (Dnevni Avaz)
Newly elected Serb member of BiH presidency Dodik: I will invite Russian President Putin to visit Banja Luka (Nezavisne Novine)
Newly elected Croat member of BiH presidency Komsic: BiH presidency needs rational cooperation (Nezavisne Novine)
World Bank: Shortcomings in education and healthcare are threating future of people in BiH (Oslobodjenje)
Oct 12, 2018 06:01GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Kazakh companies are desirable partner for Petrohemija (Politika)
Drivers go abroad because of higher wages (Politika)
Another 1,100 employees of railways to be left without job (Danas)
Changes in rules of procedures: MPs will not be allowed to change parliamentary groups (Vecernje Novosti)
Wages of all education sector employees to increase by RSD 7,000 (Blic)
Oct 12, 2018 05:35GMT, Bulgaria, CEEMARKETWATCH.
BNB fines First Investment Bank over non-allowed credit to its co-owner Ivaylo Mutafchiev (Capital Daily)
Rising debt of businesses spells new bankruptcies (Sega)
Revenues from night stays [in hotels and accommodations] rise by 7.5% [y/y] in August (24 Chasa)
[Thermal power plant] Maritsa Iztok 2 has to pay EUR 460mn [for emissions] or has to close down (24 Chasa)
[Healthcare Minister] Ananiev: Political opposition against healthcare reform is already fact (Trud)
[Government] to present concept for gas hub Balkan in January (Monitor)
Oct 12, 2018 04:42GMT, Romania, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Competition Council watches very carefully energy, retail, construction material fields, prepares fines in insurances (Ziarul Financiar)
IKES increases sales by 10% y/y to RON 600mn in financial year 2018 (Ziarul Financiar)
Escape prison attempts: Dragnea opens all possible battles to bury his trials (Adevarul)
[Former president] Basescu: No PPP should be inked before spending EU funds; it’s a stealing attempt (Adevarul)
Govt to send to EC draft project for building Bucharest ring road (Adevarul)
Private healthcare service provider opens EUR 20mn cancer hospital (Bursa)
Govt approves lower compensations for persons affected by swine fever (Bursa)
Association: State wastes 40% of economic potential of young generation (Curierul National)
Govt launches calls in auction for building Ploiesti-Brasov highway segment (Romania Libera)
War in PNL; former senior member points finger to guilty of party disaster (Evenimentul Zilei)
New pension law has flaws; may be thrown away in garbage can (Evenimentul Zilei)
Oct 12, 2018 04:13GMT, Russia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Businesses affected by sanctions may get preferences (Vedomosti)
President Putin fires another three regional governors (Vedomosti)
Government gives final approval to highway construction plan (Vedomosti)
Metal industries warn of risks before investment programme and exports (Vedomosti)
Council of Europe loses Russian financing (Kommersant)
Ruble instability is the only stable factor in Russia (Kommersant)
Constantinople takes Kiev from Moscow [on recognition of independent Ukrainian church] (Kommersant)
Oct 12, 2018 02:09GMT, Poland, CEEMARKETWATCH.
PiS considers launching a new social program: energy plus [compensation for power price hikes] (Rzeczpospolita)
Open road to takeover of Supreme Court (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Morawiecki, PO's pal (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Govt questions posted worker rules to ECJ (Rzeczpospolita)
Solidarity wants even bigger Sun. shopping ban (Rzeczpospolita)
Ireland against asks about Polish rule of law (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Women gun for power [record no. of women candidates in local elections] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Sejm speaker proposes to close Sejm to world (Rzeczpospolita)
Police demonstration in Warsaw could have cost PLN 2mn (Rzeczpospolita)
More and more equality marches (Gazeta Wyborcza)
New VAT carousel? [new split payment law has holes] (Gazeta Wyborcza)
Earthquake on the stockmarket (Rzeczpospolita)
Global stockmarkets again hit by fear (Rzeczpospolita)
Oct 11, 2018 06:27GMT, Hungary, CEEMARKETWATCH.
EU supports Budapest’s innovative urban development ideas (Magyar Idok)
Few politicians can have such impact on PM [like Budapest mayor Tarlos] (Magyar Idok)
Wave of road renovation works is expected in Hungary (Magyar Idok)
Hungarian IKEA registers strong turnover growth (Vilaggazdasag)
Employer association: Reduce the social contribution from January (Vilaggazdasag)
[Economic researcher] Kopint-Tarki raises its growth forecast [to 4.6% for 2018] (Vilaggazdasag)
Trade union proposes 37% minimum wage hike for 2019 (Vilaggazdasag)
Government wants to increase army size by 8,000 soldiers (Vilaggazdasag)
Hungarian economy grows strong but slowdown to come soon (Heti Vilaggazdasag)
Oct 11, 2018 06:26GMT, Serbia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
DSS leader Milos Jovanovic: Alliance for Serbia could be obstacle to changes (Politika)
Formula for pensions is abolished, a new one should be adopted as soon as possible (Politika)
Wages rise faster than productivity which may affect competitiveness of economy (Politika)
Serbia abolishes visa-free regime with Iran (Politika)
Has Brussels given green light for partition of Kosovo? (Blic)
Foreign Minister Dacic: Croat member of BiH presidency has not even taken office but already provokes Serbia (Blic)
Economists: Petrochemical complex shall not be shut down (Vecernje Novosti)
Croat member of BiH presidency: I have no dilemma that Kosovo is an independent state (Danas)
Oct 11, 2018 06:25GMT, Bosnia-Herzegovina, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Theft worth half a million votes (Dnevni Avaz)
Four parties strike coalition deal, no one wants SDA (Dnevni Avaz)
Failed promises of governments in past four years (Nezavisne Novine)
Dodik: SNSD works with coalition partners on formation of parliamentary majority in RS (Glas Srpske)
Majority in House of Representatives of BiH parliament depends on SNSD, HDZ BiH and SDA (Glas Srpske)
Both SNSD and DNS want to nominate RS PM (Glas Srpske)
SDA to be opposition in Sarajevo Canton? (Oslobodjenje)
Oct 11, 2018 06:00GMT, Croatia, CEEMARKETWATCH.
Not enough signatures [for calling referendums on Istanbul Convention, electoral law change] were collected, even the names of the dead in the books (Vecernji List)
[Newly-elected Bosniak member of BiH Presidency Sefik Dzaferovic:] Those who comment on the internal situation in BiH should be careful about what they say (Vecernji List)
[Financial watchdog FINA:] 274,123 citizens and 20,237 business entities blocked [as of end-September] (Vecernji List)
Higher digitisation brings 10% higher GDP (Vecernji List)
Better management of assets raises public revenue by up to 3% of GDP (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Four more Croatian companies in preparing for going to the stock market (Poslovni Dnevnik)
US entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities in Croatia (Poslovni Dnevnik)
Is there control over branch collective bargaining agreements? (Poslovni Dnevnik)
[PM Andrej] Plenkovic reports on work of government: No one in Croatia can be above the law (Jutarnji List)
[Economy minister Darko Horvat:] Ukrainian investor [Vadim] Novinski[, owner of the largest shipyards in Ukraine,] interested in [ailing docks] Uljanik and 3. Maj; to meet company’s management on Thursday (Jutarnji List)
[Parliament:] Protection of whistle-blowers is essential for the fight against corruption (Jutarnji List)
[Prices of] Most new cars will increase, the only the question is by what percentage and when (Slobodna Dalmacija)
No solution for salary: Unions at [ailing shipyard] Uljanik seek from minister Horvat a clear answer on the future of the dock (Novi List)
The parliament today to discuss [oppositions motion for health minister] Milan Kujundzic's recall, minister does not seem to be afraid of losing his post (Novi List)
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